Gun Law in Washington: The Definitive Guide CLE

December 15, 2023. 9AM-4:30PM via Zoom.
Approved for 5.75 law & legal credits and 1 ethics credit.
6.75 credits total. Activity ID 1254069.
$ 299
  • Includes on-demand access.


The CLE will run for 6.75 instruction hours and is intended to provide a comprehensive review of federal and state firearm laws. Topics that will be discussed include: 


Vitaliy Kertchen

Kertchen Law Photos Aug 24 2023-15

the Washington State Firearms Lawyer

Vitaliy is the foremost legal expert on firearms in Washington state. His practice is dedicated to dealing with firearm issues, including restoration of firearm rights, terminating protection orders, overturning background check denials, suing state and federal agencies, retrieving improperly confiscated firearms, defending gun charges, and more. 


He’s handled over a dozen appeals pertaining to firearm issues, including:

  • Barr v. Snohomish County Sheriff, 193 Wn.2d 330 (2019).
  • State v. Manuel, 14 Wn. App. 2d 455 (2020).
  • Benson v. State, 4 Wn. App. 2d 21 (2018).
  • Kincer v. State, 26 Wn. App. 2d 143 (2023).
  • State v. B.B., 18 Wn. App. 2d 556 (2021).
  • Mai v. United States, 952 F.3d 1106 (9th Cir. 2020).


Vitaliy has presented CLEs on the topic of firearms numerous times, including for the National Business Institute, the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, county bar associations, and public defender offices. This time, he’s organized an all-day CLE because the topic of firearms is too extensive and complicated for a one-hour presentation over lunch.