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Restore your firearm rights and expunge your criminal record in Washington state

Firearm rights

If you lost your Washington state gun rights due to a felony conviction, domestic violence misdemeanor conviction, or protection order, you may be eligible to restore your firearm rights in Washington state. You may be able to restore your gun rights even if you’re not also eligible to expunge your conviction. Read more about restoring your Washington state gun rights.

Benefits of Restoring Your Firearm Rights in Washington State

  Lawfully own and possess firearms.

  Go hunting, target shooting, concealed carry, whatever.

  Apply for and receive a concealed pistol license.

Are you eligible to restore your gun rights?



A criminal record can have devastating consequences for your job, school, and housing prospects. If you have completed all conditions of your sentence (including fines), then you’ve paid your debt to society. Expunge your criminal record and move on with your life. Read more about expunging your misdemeanor, felony, or juvenile record in Washington state.

Benefits of Vacating Your Conviction in Washington State

  Releases you from all penalties and disabilities associated with the conviction.

  Removes the conviction from your official criminal history with the Washington State Patrol.

  Allows you to answer that you have never been convicted of that crime.

Are you eligible for an expungement?


Firearm rights and expungement lawyer serving all of Washington state

If you’re looking to restore your gun rights or expunge your criminal record, fill out the contact form on this page and I will contact you with your options and associated fees. Here are some of the benefits of hiring me:

  I do all the paperwork. Legal paperwork is complicated and tedious. Let me handle it for you.

  No court appearances. No need to take time off work/school/family to go to court. I will do that for you.

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  Convenient hiring process. Complete the hiring process entirely from your email inbox without leaving your home by electronically signing the contract and paying with a debit or credit card. In-office appointments are also available.

  Affordable flat fees. I charge affordable flat fees with transparent pricing for all services.